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Two older men make their debut writing poetry

Two men writing, coming to poetry late in life. Mark has spent most of his life listening to people in many settings. He is fascinated by the variet6y of human experience and by the different ways people embrace spirituality. Jock uncovered a call to write poetry late in life, and is also a preacher and piper. He revels in the potential of poetry to connect present and past, ideas and feelings, the visible and the hidden, even science and theology and the arts, but of course, ‘a man’s reach must exceed his grasp, or else what’s heaven for?’

“The axe, first, taken to the root, blow after blow till the long slow fall to supplication, upon God’s mercy” – from ‘Inward Journey’

“Now I write my vision, shape my scents, unfold

my ears on purpose for this message to the seven:

Letters crafted from the furnishings of heaven . . .”     from ‘Scent from Patmos’


ISBN: 978-1-871828-73-3
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