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The meaning and glory of creation

Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh, a retired art teacher living in Inverness, explores the meaning and glory of the world in this book of creation poetry in English and Gaelic.  It was written in memory of the author’s mother, who was a very talented soprano singer with a deep appreciation for the natural world. She died of cancer in November 1989, having just turned 59, and seven weeks before the events recounted in the related volume Rainbow in the Night (Handsel Press, 1997).

“‘Iolair, Brù-dhearg, Giuthas’ offers a very sharply-focused symbolism on the relationships between matter, existence, time and eternity.” (Ronald Black, Introduction, ‘AN TUIL: anthology of 20th century Scottish Gaelic verse, edited by Ronald Black, Polygon 1999, page lix.)

Sgrìobhte mar chuimhneachan air a mhàthair, tha an dàn luachmhor seo a’ nochdadh guth àraidh, ùr a’ bhàird. Gheibh luchd-leughaidh Gàidhlig agus Beurla toileachas agus beathachadh anns na smuaintean iomadh-fhillte, lèirsinneach seo air ceistean domhainn ar beatha ann an saoghal de sholas agus dorchadas, aoibhneas agus bròn.

Aonghas Moireasdan

This remarkable poem, written in memory of the author’s mother, offers a penetrating, symbolically rich exploration of life’s ultimate issues. Distinctive reflections on existence and matter, time and eternity, will engage and nourish readers in Gaelic and English who find themselves asking questions about the meaning and purpose of life.

Angus Morrison

ISBN: 978-1-912052-50-9
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