Books Published up to 2019

AN IOLAIRE / THE IOLAIRE   Poetry on the anniversary of a tragedy, in dialogue with Psalms 90-105 and the classical piping tradition, introduced by Alan Riach   978-1-912052-51-6   £5

SWIFT  Poems by Jock Stein on gardens, hills and travel   978-1-912052-44-8   £5

JOCK’S JOURNEY: Memoir of a Minister and Makar       Jock Stein    Illustrated by Margaret E Stein 978-1-912052-46-2          229 x 153mm       £10

LABYRINTH  by Rosemary Hector    978-1-912052-43-1     £5

GRÀS  /  GRACE   by Maoilios Caimbeul    978-1-912052-49-3    210 x 140mm    £ 5-00

IOLAIR BRÙ-DHEARG GIUTHAS  /  Eagle, Robin, Pine   by  Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh     Paper Back 978-1-912052-50-9         210 x 140mm       £ 5-00

THE CRACKIT CUP   Poems in Scots and English on the impact of the First War on an Ayrshire village, with Tam as the hero, by Irene Howat    978-1-912052-41-7   £5

LAST DOCTOR OUT OF BIAFRA: the war zone journal of Dr Ann Jackson, edited by Joanna and Will Storrar        £15     978-1-912052-47-9     216 pages      240 x 170mm

GUILT AND FORGIVENESS, A Study in the Thought and Personality of Paul Ricoeur, by Robert A. Gillies.     978-1-912052-45-5    116 pages     A5     £14.50 from

MIND’S EYE, a coffee table book of paintings by Kate Philp, a great Christmas present
978 1 871828 92 4    83 pages  A4 landscape    £19.95 from bookshops or
Commendations by Alexander McCall Smith and Fran Cotton


LIVING IN BABYLON by Clifford and Monica Hill – the relevance of scripture to ‘life in exile’ today
978 1 871828 94 8   180 pages   9″ x 6″    £12   from


Chinese A PASSION FOR CHRIST by the Torrance Brothers, edited Gerrit Dawson and Jock Stein
978 1 871828 91 7 180 pages A5 £8.89 + postage from


FINDING MY WAY by Tomas Bisek is the story of a Czech dissident and minister. Available on Amazon or from


THE RELUCTANT MINISTER, Memoirs by D W Torrance, is now available from Sanctus Media, 12 Corbiehall Rd, Bo’ness EH51 (0106 827217) at £10 plus postage.


RAINBOW IN THE NIGHT by Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh is now available at £3 + postage. This is a wonderful English and Gaelic diglot epic poem, a trialogue between the author’s calvinist background, the Wizard of Oz, and his experience sitting beside the bedside of his seriously ill son Ciaran (who today is OK!)  Contact

THE NATURE OF THE ATONEMENT  by John McLeod Campbell. A theological classic. £9.95 + postage from Sanctus Media,

LINES OF A LIFETIME  The poems of John Coutts

WAS THAT ME?   The life story of John Coutts

LOVE BADE ME WELCOME  The poems of George Herbert, selected with commentary by Gerrit Dawson   £5.95 + postage from Sanctus Media,

FAITH, THEOLOGY and IMAGINATION   by John McIntyre  available at £5.95 from Sanctus Media,

TWO WINGS TO FLY   Poems by Mark Pratt and Jock Stein  available at £2.95 from Handsel Press

SCOTTISH IDENTITY   Will Storrar’s classic ground-breaking book   £6.95 + postage from Sanctus Media,

VENTURESOME LOVE by Elizabeth Traill – the story of Constance Hornby, pioneer of girls’ education in Uganda  £7.95 + postage from Handsel Press

THE MEDICAL HISTORY OF THE REFORMERS by John Wilkinson – about Calvin, Luther and Knox. £3.95 from

ROBERT LAWS, SERVANT OF AFRICA   Biography of a famous missionary by Hamish McIntosh   £9.95 from

THE REALM OF REFORM ed. by Robert Kernohan, an affirmation of Scotland’s cultural reformed heritage   £4.95 from

SCOTLAND’S EVANGELIST – the biography of D P Thomson, by Frank Bardgett. £8.50  Contact

EPHESUS TO LAODICEA by Clifford Hill.  Commentary after a journey round the seven churches of the Book of Revelation, with a CD of outstanding photos by John Law FPS

IN CHRIST ALL THINGS HOLD TOGETHER   New Wipf and Stock edition of the book by Howard Taylor and Jock Stein originally published by Collins in UK and Eerdmans in USA  £3.95 from Handsel Press

There are still Nutshell Booklets available about Tom Allan, William Barclay, John Buchan, John Duns Scotus, John Macmurray, Thomas Reid, J S Stewart, T F Torrance   Contact Handsel Press or Sanctus Media