The Handsel Press was founded in 1976 to publish high quality academic and more popular books relating Christian faith to other fields of study, and to the arts. It operates ‘from the centre . . . beyond the margins . . . ‘ The Press also publishes a number of biographies and commentaries at an affordable price. There are now ten books in our Poetry Series:

  1. Commentary, by Jock Stein
  2. The Crackit Cup, by Irene Howat
  3. Labyrinth, by Rosemary Hector
  4. Swift, by Jock Stein
  5. Eagle, Robin, Pine (English and Gaelic), by Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh
  6. Grace (English and Gaelic), by Maiolios Caimbeul
  7. The Iolaire (English and Gaelic), by Jock Stein
  8. From the Lonely Shore, by Henry Marsh
  9. Vigils, by Sarah Akehurst
  10. A Boy in Wartime, by Alan Hill

The editor is the Revd Jock Stein, whose book From Cosmos to Canaan can be purchased from Sacristy Press here. His recent book, From Ruth to Lamentations, and most other Handsel Press books, can be purchased from Sanctus Media, by clicking here. And if you are interested in more than one title, and expect a bargain rate, just ask.

jockYou can contact Handsel Press by clicking here.

The Press is owned by the Handsel Trust, SC014135. Handsel Press is a not-for-profit company.